Welcome to our classroom Web site. My name is Angelica Alvarez and I am you child’s third grade teacher this year. In order to guarantee your child, and all of the students in the classroom, the learning environment they deserve, I am using the following discipline plan. I feel that all students have the right to learn in an environment free from distractions and inappropriate behavior.

My Class Rules:

  • I will respect my classroom.
  • I will respect my teacher.
  • I will respect myself and my peers.
  • I will take responsibility for my actions.

Consequences for Breaking the Rules:

  • 1st offense - Verbal warning.
  • 2nd offense – Students’ name marker will be move from the green apple to yellow.
  • 3rd offense – Students’ name marker will be moved from yellow apple to red apple and student will be asked to complete a behavior reflect that is to be signed by parent, student, and teacher.

** Please note that any serious behavior problems will result in the child being sent to the office immediately***

I look forward to a wonderful year working together to help your child reach his/her own personal best!